Your guide to the California lieutenant governor’s election: Underwood Jacobs vs. Kounalakis

Kounalakis said if reelected, creating more affordable housing would be a priority, calling a current shortage of options the No. 1 contributing factor to the state’s homelessness crisis.

Infrastructure would also be a priority, she said, adding that first responders and teachers need to be able to afford to live near the places they work in order for communities to thrive.

“I know the answer to California’s housing crisis is building more affordable homes for California families. Being able to afford a home matters to all families,” she said. “As lieutenant governor, creating more affordable housing and strengthening our state’s infrastructure will be a priority. We need to continue to invest in our roads, highways, bridges, transit hubs and waterways. Building more affordable homes — and investing in the infrastructure that supports them — creates good-paying jobs and stimulates our economy.”

Underwood Jacobs lists “reforms to truly solve homelessness” as a priority on her campaign website. She has called homelessness in California “out of control.”

“Providing help to those in need is necessary; however, if individuals are unwilling to take the help offered, we cannot let them ruin parks, sensitive ecological areas, and public areas like streets,” she said.

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