$725 million

The Pentagon on Friday declared $725 million in extra security help for Ukraine...

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he regrets absolutely nothing about the attack on Ukraine, presently very much into its eighth month, and that Moscow's point isn't to "obliterate" its neighbor...

Putin told columnists in Kazakhstan

The questionable assembly of approximately 300,000 reservists is practically finished, Putin told columnists in Kazakhstan.


Putin likewise said an immediate conflict with NATO troops would be devastating and that no further mass strikes are arranged "for the present,"..

Rocket bombs

days after rockets hit urban communities the nation over in counter for a strike on a vital extension in Crimea.

Russia's chief

Russia's chief said he doesn't see a "need" for converses with President Joe Biden at the following month's Gathering of 20 culmination...

German Protection Christine Lambrecht

NATO partners should press ahead with help for Ukraine while viewing Russia's intentions to involve atomic weapons in a serious way, German Protection Clergyman Christine Lambrecht said.


The Kremlin promised to fix a significant extension from the Russian central area to Crimea by July 2023.

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