“Kamikaze” drones carried out attacks targeting infrastructure facilities in the Kyiv region, according the head of the regional police. 

Three “kamikaze” drones hit the district of Bucha, the head of Kyiv region police Andrii Nebytov said.

“Tonight, the enemy carried out a series of attacks on the infrastructure of Kyiv region. As a result of the explosions a fire broke out,” he said in a Telegram post on Thursday.

There are no casualties, according to a preliminary assessment.

The police chief did not elaborate on what kind of infrastructure facilities were targeted in Bucha.  

Drones also struck targets in the Makariv community in the Kyiv region overnight, he said. 

Oleksii Kuleba, head of Kyiv region military administration, also posted about the drones on Telegram.

“Today, around 5 am, the Russians carried out an attack on the Kyiv region. In one of the communities of the region, there were three attacks by enemy kamikaze drones on an infrastructure facility. This caused a fire,” he said.

“There are no casualties. At 06:45, the fire was localized, there is no open fire. 43 people and 12 units of emergency services equipment were involved in extinguishing the fire,” added Kuleba.

He asked residents not to film the location of the attacks or share on social media.

“Do not specify locations and places of incoming hits. Be responsible, because our safety depends on it,” Kuleba added.

Some context: Thursday’s “kamikaze” drone attacks come after three consecutive days of deadly Russian strikes on civilian targets across Ukraine, including the capital region.

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