Ron Rivera blames Carson Wentz for Commanders’ NFC East basement status

Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera didn’t mince words after his team’s 21-17 loss Sunday to the Tennessee Titans. 

As Washington sunk to 1-4 — behind the 5-0 Eagles and 4-1 Cowboys and Giants in the NFC East — Rivera was was asked why his squad was so far behind the rest of the division. The coach didn’t do so much as stutter.

“Quarterback,” he said.

Ron Rivera didn’t mince words when it came to the reason for the Commanders’ struggles.
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Carson Wentz’s stat line — he completed 25 of 38 passes and recorded two touchdowns — looked productive from the box score on Sunday. However, he also hurled an interception on third-and-goal from the 2-yard line with six seconds remaining, and also displayed a few other moments of hubris in which he may have bit off more than he could chew through the course of the contest.

It’s evident that Rivera does not regret bringing Wentz into the fold in the offseason, but feels the ex-Colt and Eagle has not particularly carried the Commanders.

“I’ve got no regrets about our quarterback,” Rivera said. “I think our quarterback has done some good things. There’s been a couple games that he’s struggled, but the way he performed [Sunday] it just shows you what he’s capable of. We chose him because we believe in him. We chose him because we looked at what we felt were things that pointed toward him.” 

Not helpful to Wentz is the reality that Washington’s offensive line has been dealing with injuries. They’ve started three centers already this season, and were without 60 percent of their O-line on Sunday.

Rivera acknowledged this reality after the defeat.

“We have some pretty good pieces in place,” Rivera said. “I’d like to have them all on the field at the same time. We don’t, we can’t, so this is the lot we have, so we have to go out and play.”  

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