New Trump super PAC makes first midterm ad buys

“We don’t telegraph ad spends or our strategy,” said a spokesperson for MAGA Inc., when asked about the total ad buy and what states the group plans to spend money in.

Some candidates backed by Trump in competitive races have been out-fundraised by their Democratic opponents. In Ohio, Trump-backed J.D. Vance has lagged millions of dollars behind his Senate opponent, Rep. Tim Ryan. So has Trump-backed Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, although outside groups have helped him close the gap against Democratic opponent John Fetterman.

Ohio and Pennsylvania are two of the most expensive battleground races in the country, but they could determine the balance of the evenly divided Senate.

The former president has acted as a Republican kingmaker during the 2022 midterms, endorsing candidates in major races across the country. Trump has held rallies, tele-rallies and fundraisers for candidates. But until now, his Save America PAC has not directed significant money toward critical — and expensive — advertising.

Trump also continues to travel in support of his favored candidates. This weekend, he will hold a pair of rallies with candidates he endorsed in Arizona and Nevada.

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