‘House Of The Dragon’ Star Emma D’Arcy Arouses Fans Merely By Saying 7 Words

The internet will have what Emma D’Arcy is having.

A clip from a discussion between D’Arcy and their “House of the Dragon” co-star Olivia Cooke has gone viral due to the very sensual way D’Arcy describes their favorite cocktail.

In the clip — which was recently posted to HBO’s TikTok account, and comes from a longer Q&A with the two actors — Cooke asks D’Arcy: “What’s your drink of choice?”

“A Negroni ― Sbagliato, with prosecco in it,” D’Arcy says in a low, silky purr, never breaking eye contact with Cooke.

D’Arcy’s seductive response made many social media users, uh, pretty thirsty.

In the full Q&A, both actors dish about their favorite “Game of Thrones” battles and characters, and what their house sigils would be. The conversation offers an extended opportunity to listen to D’Arcy ― who really should do a guest spot on the “Dipsea” podcast, just sayin’.

Anyway, our condolences to bartenders for the next couple of months:

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