Grizzly bear attack in Teton County, Montana, leaves hunter injured

GREAT FALLS, Mont. – A 51-year-old bird hunter sustained non-life-threatening injuries when he was charged at and run over by an adult male grizzly bear weighing nearly 700-pounds Tuesday afternoon in Montana.

“The hunter and his wife encountered the bear around 1 p.m. while hunting for upland birds in a creek bottom east of Choteau,” a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) news release states. “The bear charged out of thick brush at close range.”

FWP spokesperson Dave Hagengruber said a Washington state couple was hunting in Teton County with a couple of their dogs in the river bottom when they saw some movement in a thick patch of brush in front of them. They could see a small patch of brown, but couldn’t make out what was causing the disturbance.

“Their dogs were on point, and the husband was going to go in to flush out the birds,” Hagengruber said. “His wife was back, watching the dogs the way a bird hunter does.”

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A full-grown, male grizzly tore out of the brush at close range. Three times the weight of an NFL running back and equipped with devastating teeth and claws, the bear came running full speed directly at the stunned bird hunter.

“The bear came out and ran over him,” Hagengruber said. “It knocked him down – didn’t bite him – but knocked him down. That’s how he was injured, as it literally stepped on him and ran him over. Then it circled around and went back into the brush.”

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