Federal judge blocks key provisions of New York’s new gun-control laws

Suddaby previously signaled the new laws were “unconstitutional.”

Rather than limiting concealed carry permits to people who prove “good moral character,” the state may only withhold them from applicants who do not display such character, the judge’s 53-page order says.

The ruling also temporarily blocks the implementation of several gun-free zones created by the city and state — including city subways and Times Square — and a requirement that applicants submit social media information for review. Under the ruling, applicants need not meet with licensing officers or provide names and contact information for any adults living in their home.

In a statement Thursday, state Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt, a Republican, praised the court’s decision, alleging “Albany’s political ruling class” had “parroted a false narrative that law-abiding firearm owners are the root of increasing crime in our communities.”

The temporary restraining is stayed by three business days, giving the state time to ask the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to step in, the order says. The TRO lasts until Oct. 20, by which time Suddaby intends to hold a hearing considering a longer injunction.

Attorney General Tish James vowed an appeal.

“Today’s decision comes in the wake of mass shootings and rampant gun violence hurting communities here in New York and across the country,” she said in a statement. “While the decision preserves portions of the law, we believe the entire law must be preserved as enacted.”

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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