Emma Stone Feels Met Fans’ Wrath For Wearing The 1 Thing You Shouldn’t To A Home Game

If you disrespect New Yorkers on their home turf, they’re not just going to fuhgeddaboudit.

Even if you’re a celebrity.

Emma Stone upset Mets fans at Citi Field on Friday when she and husband Dave McCary were caught on the Jumbotron wearing the gear of the opposing San Diego Padres.

Although the offense wasn’t as serious as dissing pizza in Brooklyn (we’re looking at you, Mila Kunis) the couple got a righteous Queens booing — which was caught on camera.

Stone, however, was a good sport about the whole thing and treated the situation much like the team she was there to support — like a winner. She hoisted her beer to groaning Mets fans and ended her Jumbotron moment with a shrug.

Stone’s husband, a “Saturday Night Live” writer, is from San Diego — so it should come as no surprise that the pair were cheering the Mets’ opponent. They’ve also been spotted at Padres games in the past.

Stone and McCary also were seen “dancing in the front row” during the Wild Card playoff game, according to TMZ, which makes sense as San Diego demolished New York 7-1.

Riling Mets fans further, Padres CEO Erik Greupner applauded Stone on Twitter Friday.

“Style, grace and good taste …,” he tweeted.

“Emma is always welcome @PetcoPark.”

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